The Brogan Davison Show Extravaganza! (2019)

Co-created by Dance For Me artists Brogan Davison and Pétur Ármannsson, The Brogan Davison Show started out as a solo stand-up performance which took place in the homes of volunteer ‘hosts’ who could invite their friends, family, neighbours, strangers, pets or plants to enjoy together an evening of The Brogan Davison Show. Today the project has become an ever-evolving performance event which reacts to whichever environment it finds itself in - be it in a living room, in a theatre, in the middle of a street, a stadium or in a forest.

The work juxtaposes the big and the small, the private and the public and failure and success through the devices of precarity, trust and humour. TBDS Extravaganza! celebrates empathy, care and connectedness through the means of song, dance, storytelling and jokes. It is a search to find commonality within different groups of people where choreographer and performer Brogan Davison insists on being a catalyst to do so.

As hilarious as it is sincere, this event is a grandiose, naive and absurd attempt of a lonely human to connect to the world and the people within. Through Dance For Me’s trademark vulnerable and off-key approach to performance making, audiences can expect a brutally raw performance full of love, rage, bravery and stupidity.

TBDS Extravaganza! will be presented on the 31st of May and 1st of June as Brogan’s masters graduation work at Das Theatre Graduate School in Amsterdam.

Concept and creation: Brogan Davison and Pétur Ármannsson
Duration: 60 minutes
Language: English

Supported by: Das Theatre (NE).
Residency: Indisciplinarte (IT). Das Theatre (NE).
Co-producers: Indisciplinarte (IT).