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performance, Denmark Tour @ , Aalborg

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Ármann Einarsson is a music school principal and a father of three. At the age of 48 he is around 172 cm in height and with a prominent belly. Last year he revealed to his daughter-in-law, choreographer Brogan Davison, his life-long desire to perform contemporary dance on stage. Ármann has had no dance training (though he holds an Icelandic record in triple jumping – set in 1979 and still standing) but he asked Brogan to help him create a piece of contemporary dance which they actually performed together last year in his home town in the north of Iceland. Now that the dream has been realised, Ármann is bent on conquering the dance world.

Dance for me is about stepping out of our comfort zones, daring to make our dreams come true and the ultimate question: Is dance for everybody?

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