Pétur Ármansson // Dance For Me

Pétur Ármannsson

Pétur Ármannsson is a performance maker and director from Iceland based in Reykjavík. Pétur trained as an actor and graduated from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2012. After graduating Pétur shifted his artistic focus on to theatre making and directing. In 2013 he undertook a directors internship at the Schaubuhne theatre in Berlin for the production Notizen aus der Küche, lead by Egill Palsson and later Patrick Wengenroth. Alongside his work with Dance For Me, Pétur has worked for the Reykjavík City Theatre and directed works for Iceland Dance Company and various other independent companies.

Directing credits include: Óður og Flexa halda afmæli (Iceland Dance Company), Óður og Flexa: Rafmagnað Ævintýri (Iceland Dance Company), Frami (TAKATAKA - Lókal Performance Festival), Club Romantica (Abendshow Theatreclub - Reykjavík City Theatre), Hún Pabbi (Trigger Warning - Reykjavík City Theatre). Assistant directing credits include: Refurinn (Reykjavík City Theatre), Bláskjár (Óskabörn Ógæfunnar - Reykjavík City Theatre), Illska (Óskabörn Ógæfunnar - Reykjavík City Theatre).