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performance @ Oktoberdans festival, BIT Teatregarasjen, Bergen, Norway

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“Yesterday I went to the private room, Hans paid me 1000 euros and I didn’t really do anything. We went in the jacuzzi and talked about capitalism, which he loves. I told him I don’t have sex with my clients and he said it was ok, he just wanted to ‘föle mich’.”

— Olga Sonja's diary, 5th of September 2013

Actress Olga Sonja and Pétur Ármannsson of Dance For Me were fellow students at the Iceland Academy of the Arts. After her graduation Olga Sonja moved to Berlin – to work in the performing arts. In order to make a living, she took jobs as a stripper in the German capital.
Continuing their quest to bring reality to the stage Dance For Me will collaborate with Olga Sonja on a new theatre/choreography work aroused by her experience. Through performative tasks and choreography, attempts will be made to expose performers, stripping them down to their realest. The artists will address questions such as: "What is the relationship between performance and objectification?", "Is it morally wrong to commodify the body?" and "How is it to be a mother and a stripper?"
Stripp will premiere at LÓKAL & Reykjavík Dance Festival in August 2016 and will be shown in Oktoberdans Festival in BIT Teatergarasjen in October 2016. Stripp is made in co-production with LÓKAL International Theatre Festival, Reykjavík Dance Festival, BIT Teatergarasjen, Indiciplinarte and Tjarnarbíó Theatre.

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