STRIPP (2016) - Dance For Me / Olga Sonja Thorarensen

Yesterday I went to the private room, Hans paid me 1000 euros and I didn’t really do anything. We went in the jacuzzi and talked about capitalism, which he loves. I told him I don’t have sex with my clients and he said it was ok, he just wanted to ‘fühle mich’.
— Olga Sonja's diary, 5th of September 2013

Continuing their quest to bring reality to the stage Dance For Me collaborated with actress Olga Sonja on a new performance aroused by Olga’s experience working as a stripper in Berlin, Germany. 

Through choreography, personal storytelling and agressive humour, Stripp explores the similarities between working in theatre and in a stripclub. It asks the question: "Is it morally wrong to commodify your own body?" and challenges the audience to be aware of how they watch in an attempt to reveal theatres inherent voyeuristic and at times perverted nature.

Stripp was nominated in Icelandic Theatre Awards for “Dance and stage movement” in 2017

Concept and creation: Olga Sonja Thorarensen, Brogan Davison and Pétur Ármannsson
Scenography: Lena Mody
Costume design: Larissa Bechtold
Music composition: Gunnar Karel Másson
Dramaturge: Emelía Antonsdóttir Crivello
Artistic assistance: Björn Leó Brynjarsson
Light design: Jóhann Friðrik Ágústsson
Producer: Ragnheiður Skúladóttir
Duration: 60 minutes
Language: English

Supported by: The Icelandic Culture Fund. Menningarráð Austurlands. 
Residency: Tjarnarbíó (IS). Indisciplinarte (IT). 
Co-producers: BIT Teatergarasjen (NO). Lókal Performance Festival, Reykjavík Dance Festival (IS). Indisciplinarte (IT).

Stripp has been to: 
BIT Teatregarasjen, Bergen, Norway.
Tjarnarbíó, Reykjavík, Iceland.
Lókal Performance Festival, Reykjavík, Iceland.