I hope she gets the help she needs
— Concerned audience member

Continuing on their quest to critically explore the staging of ‘the self’, The Brogan Davison Show is Dance For Me’s fourth project which dives even further into exploring the relationship of a lived life and it’s representation. 

The Brogan Davison Show takes the format of a solo stand-up performance which happens in the living room of a volunteer ‘host’ who invites their friends, family, neighbours, strangers, pets or plants to enjoy “The Brogan Davison Show” with. In the show, Brogan, a self-deprecating, mouthy and mentally unwell woman, tells stories from her working class childhood home in England, gives cooking tips and sings songs inspired by her favourite TV show Downton Abbey.

Through Dance For Me’s vulnerable and off-key approach to performance making, guests can expect a brutally raw performance full of love, rage, bravery and stupidity.

...left me with the feeling, that I need to tell everybody to see this show before they die.
— Sigrún Halla Unnarsdóttir - Host and Kundalini yoga teacher
Suprising. Funny. Sincere. I LOVE IT. I WANT IT AGAIN
— Ásgerður Gunnarsdóttir - Host and director of Reykjavík Dance Festival

Concept and creation: Brogan Davison and Pétur Ármannsson
Dramaturge: Alexander Roberts
Artistic assistance: Björn Leó Brynjarsson and Jónas Reynir Gunnarsson
Producer: Nína Hjálmarsdóttir
Duration: 60 minutes
Language: English

Supported by: The Icelandic Culture Fund. Reykjavíkurborg.
Residency: MAKE (IRL). Tjarnarbíó (IS). Indisciplinarte (IT). 
Co-producers: BIT Teatergarasjen (NO). Indisciplinarte (IT). Reykjavík Dance Festival (IS).

The Brogan Davison Show has been to: 
Das Theatre Graduate School, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Everybody’s Spectacular Festival, Reykjavík, Iceland.
The home of Una Björk Jónsdóttir and Fríða Sóley Hjartardótti, Reykjavík, Iceland.
The home of Ívar Pétur Kjartansson and Sigrún Halla Unnarsdóttir, Reykjavík, Iceland.
The home of Ragnheiður Steindórs, Reykjavík, Iceland.
The home of Þóra Björk Schram, Reykjavík, Iceland.
The home of Alexander Roberts and Ásgerdur G. Gunnarsdottir, Reykjavík, Iceland.
The home of Clara García Fraile and Biljana Radinoska Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
The home of Nína Hjálmarsdóttir, Reykjavík, Iceland.
The home of Guðmundur Kárason, Reykjavík, Iceland.
The home of Hjörtur Jóhann Jónsson, Reykjavík, Iceland.
The home of Chiara Organtini, Terni, Italy.
The home of Gosie Vervloessem, Florence, Italy.
Fabrica Europa, Italy.
The home of Meiko Yamamoto, Ireland.